Investing in Florida- Calling all Investors

Dated: December 12 2020

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2020 surely has changed the mindset of many people. We are now in the days of creativity.  You MUST be and stay creative in order to strive and flourish during these tough times – called the pandemic. 

Real Estate is considered essential. As a Realtor, I'm considered an essential worker. My industry and fellow agents will be here to guide the general public through home rental, home ownership and the selling of your home during the pandemic and beyond.  

The South Florida market is booming. Many Homeowners are now in foreclosure; renters are being evicted as a result of their economic status.  Plus, the “snowbirds” from up North are now residing here and are bringing their friends and family along. More and more people are moving to Florida where the temperature is hot all year round. Supply in demand.

Experts, scientists and Doctors say that the Coronavirus doesn't survive long in hot climates. Therefore, Florida having tropical temperatures has now become the go to place to eliminate your chance of being infected with the virus.

I must say, Florida is not an escape from the virus. Our pandemic casualty numbers are rising too. However, our weather makes it more favorable for safety.

With that said, why not invest in Florida?

We have great properties throughout Florida, especially in my South Florida market, to invest in.

When you invest in properties in South Florida, you invest in generational wealth; you’re investing in a legacy. Furthermore, if you buy a property and decide to live in another state, I can be your property manager.

I have over 8 years of real estate experience. I have worked with several investors who purchased, renovated, renting and sold over 200 condos, duplexes, and single family residents in South Florida. The returns were tremendous.

Thinking about investing? Build your legacy! Invest in land, condo/apartments, duplexes, multifamily, villas, and single family properties.

Be sure to reach out to me, Roxanne Dixon from Dunhill 100 at; your friendly Realtor in South Florida. I'm waiting for your call.

I'm not just a Real Estate agent. I'm here for the people, not for the deals.

Please be safe!



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